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Kelly Rae Roberts - Paint Your Angels

Diggable Monkey was fortunate to have an opportunity to work with Kelly Rae Roberts on both her 1st and 2nd major e-course offerings, Hello Soul Hello Mixed-Media Mantra (2013) and Spirit Wings (2015). The large number of videos contained within these e-courses were shot over several days and edited over a period of several months. Kelly's attention to detail and process are reflected in the quality of the material, as well as in the depth of content presented. We love working with Kelly Rae, as she is the consummate professional. Through her wonderful artistic ability and vision, she helped us realize an incredible body of work that far and away exceeds what is commonly offered in most online courses. Indeed, she sets the quality bar very high!

Kelly Rae Roberts - Spirit Wings

In Spirit Wings, Kelly creates angel paintings specific to your journey. Paintings that will be sacred to your story. Paintings that will inspire and manifest what’s to come. In addition to the loads and loads of techniques Kelly Rae teaches you (face painting, backgrounds, and more), every step of this process is guided by a soulful intention. The angel paintings you create will be your own personal winged guides to inspire you along your path.

Filmed in Kelly's studio on August 15th, 2015 at Washington High School, Portland, Oregon, the source 2 hour long video below shows you a sample of Kelly's technique on high speed in a play time of less than 3.5 minutes.

Interested? For more info on the e-course, follow the link here:

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