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Kevin Balmer is the owner and creative director of Diggable Monkey Productions, an innovative and versatile video production studio specializing in short, medium, and long-form storytelling. 

It was Kevin's keen interest in sustaining vibrant city culture that led him into video production while a part-time graduate student in urban planning at Portland State University (2001-2006). A professional map data (GIS) analyst for 12 years, Kevin expanded his educational focus into video production while studying at the school's College of Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA). His senior graduation thesis and accompanying premiere documentary film, The Diggable City, (2005) was an early expose on the viability of urban agriculture. The project is now a widely-referenced methodology utilized by researchers from around the world. Dig it up!  


Eager to pursue his fast-developing camera and editing skills, Kevin started an entrepreneurial journey in professional video production in late 2010.  Since 2011, Diggable Monkey has secured and completed over 200 video projects, which include documentary films, online educational content, social media campaigns, crowdfunding, commercials and various other project-specific "gun-for-hire" contracts.


Our client base is a wide mix of organizations and businesses in the fields of planning, design, architecture, law, construction, natural medicine, education, event production, sports, fashion, music, and other fine art specializations such as dance, painting, and sculpture. Hear what they have to say...

If you're in the market to find a nimble production company that can artfully turn your video project into something extraordinary, then look no further. Diggable Monkey is the video production company of choice.


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