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Money Tips... For A Better Life!

Former IT CFO, Steve Buhaly, approached Diggable Monkey a few months back about creating a new free online educational video series centered on financial topics for young people. Recognizing opportunity to share his knowledge widely across the internet through video, Steve chooses a short, 3-minute lesson format where money tips are explored methodically and with digestibility in mind. We are happy to report that Steve's videos are now making the rounds on YouTube and Facebook! Sample topics include savings, debt, investing - relevant information not only for the young work force, but for people of all ages.

Money Tips.... For a Better Life is one of a few major online education courses we've been fortunate enough to work on, but the first specifically within the realm of finance. We are excited to be working with experts like Steve and his team members to create this innovative educational series on money topics that are unique, accessible and relatively easy for viewers to understand.

Check out one of the Steve Buhaly clips below!

More information can be found at Steve's website here:

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