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Ride Of The Arconauts Episode 6: CAMEO--Capturing The Arconauts

Meet the Cameo, Arcimoto's one-of-a-kind camera vehicle that gives videographers full range of motion to capture footage in multiple environments, all in an ultra-quiet system, built on the Arcimoto three-wheel, pure-electric platform. In this video, our Ride of the Arconauts team introduces the Cameo to production houses in Los Angeles to get their take. Without the need to lay down tracks and with its incredible maneuverability, we believe the Cameo will be a rightsized solution with enormous potential, this time in the world of filmmaking. The Ride of the Arconauts is an ongoing roadshow designed to introduce the Arcimoto family of rightsized EVs to the world. Want to host an Arconaut event? Email us at

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