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Goodfellow Brothers Hires Diggable Monkey

We're please to announce that we've secured a contract to produce a short video for the Goodfellow Brothers, Inc. The project is a narrative comedic short to be presented to the entire company at their annual meeting in February. The film follows two employees, buddies Tory and Adam, as they interact with various GBI work sites and other iconic cultural locations around the Portland Region.

Diggable Monkey @ Bison Coffee House

Along with roughly 15 GBI employees, Diggable Monkey is collaborating with Benjamin Pitts of Clinton Street Media and Andrew Garrettson to complete the film project. The final film will be presented along with other similar internally developed GBI films in approximately 1 month. We move quickly!

Cast & Crew @ Bison Coffee House

Day #1 shoot takes us to Cully Blvd, only a few miles from the client office by the airport.

Kind thanks to shop owner Loretta Guzman of the Bison Coffee House for allowing us to film in the shop during office hours!

Bison Coffee House fancy milk Indian Head design

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