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March Fourth in China

Five years ago, I accompanied Portland's MarchFourth to Henan Province in The People's Republic of China as documentarian. Here's the opening sequence to the 1-hour tour film we produced from that trip. #jazzambassadors #marchfourth #henan

In May, 2013, Portland's MarchFourth Marching Band was honored to receive an official invitation to do a US State Department cultural exchange tour in China, which was sponsored jointly by the United States Embassy in Beijing, Sias International University, the Sias Foundation, and the Cultural Affairs Office of Henan's Provincial Government, in Zhengzhou. The band had performed overseas before, but this tour was bound to be different. This was Asia and a trip into rural China, where freaky foreigners like us rarely travel, let alone an 18-member rock band performance spectacle! Americans seem to love our act, but would the Chinese? Though we were somewhat confident they'd appreciate our cultural offering, we really had absolutely no idea what we were in for. This is our story...

Produced and Directed by Kevin Balmer Diggable Monkey Productions

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